Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer from ¬†Malaysia. He started to get involve in Photography Industry since 2009 with Event & Fashion Photography. He actively involve in Fashion Photography for Magazine and Event, such like Mercedes Benz Fashion show, Speaker Club Kuala Lumpur, Fave 360 and renowned fashion designer’s show.

In year 2011, he being appointed as Airbnb Photographer to handle their client’s photography assignment for Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. He’d captured more than 1000 homestay throughout these 10years.

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

He explore into Commercial Photography from 2013, started from Food Photography, then Fashion Commercial Photography. He’d worked with numerous brands, such as Naelofar, Barry Callebaut, Valiram Group, Jae Hwa Beauty, Chef Nisa Bakri, Widebed, KL ShortStay, Daily Suite Malaysia, Kung Fu Restaurant Cyberjaya, Togather Restaurant, The Muffin House Cafe, Pie Face Malaysia, Moo Noi Mookata & BBQ, EqinSushi, Omorose Cosmestic, My Blue Tea (Australia), Tasty District, and Vulpini.

Alan Lim spent most of the time in exploring the new best way/matter to create extraordinary art-piece for clients, in order to create the one and only for them.

If you wish to look at Alan Lim’s works, do stop by at Alphotos Facebook Page,¬† OR

Real Friend

Real friend Alan Lim

Real friend means a true friend who will be there for you anytime. Not when they’re free, or you’re useful to them. Real friend do not take your for granted, real friend will consider you as first priority before every other things or people. Sadly that there is no longer have people qualified for this title “Real Friend”.

Friend, is anyone who know you by name, talked with you, and shared some experiences together with you. They might talk with you regarding their dream, their life target, their ambition, but you got to remember this, in all the things they’re telling you, you’re not in the picture, they never consider you in their way of success. It is all because you’re just their friend, one of the friend from stranger.

Stranger, all living creatures, no matter human beings or Animals, they’re stranger to you. You don’t know them, you don’t even bother to know them. They passby you all the time, every minutes, every second, yet you don’t bother to say HI. You do not want to talk with Stranger, because they might be suspicious people, they might be dangerous people, they might passby with purpose, because they’re unknown Stranger. You didn’t realised that friend is stranger to you before they say Hi to you, Real Friend is a stranger to you before you trusted them with your life.

Real friend, True Friend, Friend or Stranger, they’re just a passby guest in our life. Just another character with scripted dialogue or without any dialogue who intentionally or unintentionally stand on the same stage with you.

You’re my friend?

Portrait of Alan Lim (Hayashi Alan) on 2018