Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer from  Malaysia. He started to get involve in Photography Industry since 2009 with Event & Fashion Photography. He actively involve in Fashion Photography for Magazine and Event, such like Mercedes Benz Fashion show, Speaker Club Kuala Lumpur, Fave 360 and renowned fashion designer’s show.

In year 2011, he being appointed as Airbnb Photographer to handle their client’s photography assignment for Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. He’d captured more than 1000 homestay throughout these 10years.

Alan Lim, the professional food photographer

He explore into Commercial Photography from 2013, started from Food Photography, then Fashion Commercial Photography. He’d worked with numerous brands, such as Naelofar, Barry Callebaut, Valiram Group, Jae Hwa Beauty, Chef Nisa Bakri, Widebed, KL ShortStay, Daily Suite Malaysia, Kung Fu Restaurant Cyberjaya, Togather Restaurant, The Muffin House Cafe, Pie Face Malaysia, Moo Noi Mookata & BBQ, EqinSushi, Omorose Cosmestic, My Blue Tea (Australia), Tasty District, and Vulpini.

Alan Lim spent most of the time in exploring the new best way/matter to create extraordinary art-piece for clients, in order to create the one and only for them.

If you wish to look at Alan Lim’s works, do stop by at Alphotos Facebook Page,  OR

AL Media Channel by Alan Lim

AL Media Channel by Alan Lim

AL Media Channel officially launched by Alan Lim on 2018 which manage few brands under it’s umbrella which is Alphotos and

AL Media Channel Basically owned the Facebook Page for


Commercial Photography and Videography for Food, Product, Interior and Corporate Portfolio. Alphotos know how to Branding through photography/videography for your brand.


Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology and News Blog to keep you update on the latest information within Malaysia and Oversea.


Food & Beverage Classified site, will find out all the good restaurant, cafe or food stall for you.

Alan Lim, also the Creative Director for the Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International and Official Media Partner for renowned event.

Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, Creative Director, Alan Lim

Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, Creative Director, Alan Lim
Alan Lim

Alan Lim, appointed as Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, Creative Director by Ms. Audris Kok, President for Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019.

Alan Lim handle the creativity part of the event, include the programme, the artworks for Banner, Social Media, Backdrop and also the Event Magazine Design. He manage the creative team and media team to achieve target result.

Beside the creativity part, he manage the part of the operational task, such as man power allocation, installation of the core organisation members and meeting with sponsors, government and etc.

Real Friend

Real friend Alan Lim

Real friend means a true friend who will be there for you anytime. Not when they’re free, or you’re useful to them. Real friend do not take your for granted, real friend will consider you as first priority before every other things or people. Sadly that there is no longer have people qualified for this title “Real Friend”.

Friend, is anyone who know you by name, talked with you, and shared some experiences together with you. They might talk with you regarding their dream, their life target, their ambition, but you got to remember this, in all the things they’re telling you, you’re not in the picture, they never consider you in their way of success. It is all because you’re just their friend, one of the friend from stranger.

Stranger, all living creatures, no matter human beings or Animals, they’re stranger to you. You don’t know them, you don’t even bother to know them. They passby you all the time, every minutes, every second, yet you don’t bother to say HI. You do not want to talk with Stranger, because they might be suspicious people, they might be dangerous people, they might passby with purpose, because they’re unknown Stranger. You didn’t realised that friend is stranger to you before they say Hi to you, Real Friend is a stranger to you before you trusted them with your life.

Real friend, True Friend, Friend or Stranger, they’re just a passby guest in our life. Just another character with scripted dialogue or without any dialogue who intentionally or unintentionally stand on the same stage with you.

You’re my friend?

Portrait of Alan Lim (Hayashi Alan) on 2018

DJ Soda

DJ Soda

South Korean DJ Soda Embarked on her Journey to become a world star DJ in 2013, shortly after giving up musical acting to focus all her efforts into DJ-ing. She has been a loyal fan of Hip-Hop ever since she heard ‘Eastside LB’ by the Twinz, as a child. Her obsession with Hip-Hop wasn’t only about the music, but also about the culture surrounding Nike Jordan’s and street fashion.

DJ Soda

Soda, as a DJ, is capable of mesmerising audiences unfamiliar with Hip-Hop, by mixing in tracks of other genres. She constantly communicates and energies the audience with her enigmatic personality. Soda truly understands art of DJ-ing. SOda’s colourful journey as a bright, energetic and curious person, has come together, and can proudly say, She is complete.

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Julez Wong

Julez Wong Alan Lim

As a cinematographer Julez has an artistic eye for art and emotion.
Today Julez has a portfolio showcasing her amazing ability to translate emotion through visual imagery.

Began career as entrepreneur since she was 16 years old, her love for performing art and filmmaking was started when she first knew how to use pencil and start to draw every moment that happening around her into a cartoon book.
As a cinematographer Julez has an artistic eye for art and emotion.

Today she is fulfilling her true passion, by capturing moment thru a motion picture, together with her winning team. Walking one step at a time towards a better filmmaker.

C8Media Website

Cindy Ng Hooi Kon

Cindy Ng Hooi Kon, Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2018. I’m so proud to witness the glory moment, as friend, as photographer.

Cindy Ng always been passionate about the beauty industry. This gave her a chance to influence other women in a positive way. She wanted to prove that it was possible to look beautiful, youthful and healthy. Discipline was key and she still maintain it until today. She was fortunate to be surrounded by other strong women who are like sisters to her now, they helped build each other’s confidence in different ways. It has been a life changing experience for her and she have memories that will last a lifetime.

International Mrs Universe

• Mrs. Universe is an international and global beauty pageant and Human Rights Forum and first year organized in Sofia City, Bulgaria in 2007.
• Mission: Physical beauty is just a part of the whole allure of a person; and its mission on “against violence”, which in different years covers different causes.
• The contest is open to married women from countries/nations of all continents around the world who are between the ages of 25 and 45, have a family and career, and are involved in a significant cause in favor of other people.
• The organizer, Mrs. Universe Ltd., also organizes the Mrs. Europe, Grandma Universe, and Children of the Universe pageants.

The pageant is opened to Malaysian married women aged 25 and above, divided into two categories.

Mrs category : 25 – 40 years old
Mrs Elite category : 41 – 65 years old

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Audris Kok

Audris Kok and Alan Lim

Audris Kok

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018 Global Ambassador, Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen Ambassador 2017 and Caritas Queen Ambassador 2017 and the latest, ERM Queen 2018.

Using her ambassadorship, Audris devotes her life to philanthropy works, including fund raising, giving her hands-on support to welfare homes. She is also a Founder and Board of Director of Selangor Lions Club, and an active member of Glitterama Ladies Charity Group and Styleicon Prestige.

As a business leader, Audris is currently the Vice-President of MG Holdings Limited (Asia Region) in Hong Kong; and CEO of Qingdao MG Investment Limited China. These companies specialize in finance and banking, precious metals, trade and investment, credit leasing and securities, property development, entertainment and education. Her business leadership helps her earn string of awards including the coveted Top 100 International Business Style Awards (Vietnam) and Feminine’s Most Prominent Entrepreneur Outstanding Women 2018.

Audris is also the President of Women Youth of United World Chinese Association which is headquartered in Hong Kong and holds other prominent leadership titles and awards.

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