Audris Kok

Audris Kok and Alan Lim

Audris Kok

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018 Global Ambassador, Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen Ambassador 2017 and Caritas Queen Ambassador 2017 and the latest, ERM Queen 2018.

Using her ambassadorship, Audris devotes her life to philanthropy works, including fund raising, giving her hands-on support to welfare homes. She is also a Founder and Board of Director of Selangor Lions Club, and an active member of Glitterama Ladies Charity Group and Styleicon Prestige.

As a business leader, Audris is currently the Vice-President of MG Holdings Limited (Asia Region) in Hong Kong; and CEO of Qingdao MG Investment Limited China. These companies specialize in finance and banking, precious metals, trade and investment, credit leasing and securities, property development, entertainment and education. Her business leadership helps her earn string of awards including the coveted Top 100 International Business Style Awards (Vietnam) and Feminine’s Most Prominent Entrepreneur Outstanding Women 2018.

Audris is also the President of Women Youth of United World Chinese Association which is headquartered in Hong Kong and holds other prominent leadership titles and awards.

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