Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, Creative Director, Alan Lim

Alan Lim, appointed as Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, Creative Director by Ms. Audris Kok, President for Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019. Alan Lim handle the creativity part of the event, include the programme, the artworks for Banner, Social Media, Backdrop and also the Event Magazine Design. He manage the creative team and […]

Real Friend

Real friend means a true friend who will be there for you anytime. Not when they’re free, or you’re useful to them. Real friend do not take your for granted, real friend will consider you as first priority before every other things or people. Sadly that there is no longer have people qualified for this […]

DJ Soda

South Korean DJ Soda Embarked on her Journey to become a world star DJ in 2013, shortly after giving up musical acting to focus all her efforts into DJ-ing. She has been a loyal fan of Hip-Hop ever since she heard ‘Eastside LB’ by the Twinz, as a child. Her obsession with Hip-Hop wasn’t only […]

Julez Wong

As a cinematographer Julez has an artistic eye for art and emotion. Today Julez has a portfolio showcasing her amazing ability to translate emotion through visual imagery. ​ Began career as entrepreneur since she was 16 years old, her love for performing art and filmmaking was started when she first knew how to use pencil […]

Cindy Ng Hooi Kon

Cindy Ng Hooi Kon, Mrs Elite Malaysia Universe 2018. I’m so proud to witness the glory moment, as friend, as photographer. Cindy Ng always been passionate about the beauty industry. This gave her a chance to influence other women in a positive way. She wanted to prove that it was possible to look beautiful, youthful […]

Audris Kok

Audris Kok Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018 Global Ambassador, Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen Ambassador 2017 and Caritas Queen Ambassador 2017 and the latest, ERM Queen 2018. Using her ambassadorship, Audris devotes her life to philanthropy works, including fund raising, giving her hands-on support to welfare homes. She is also a Founder and Board of Director of […]

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